Financial + Management Software Training Services

We know that your technology is only as strong as the mastery of those using it day-to-day to manage your financial and human resources data. At Abacus, we are committed not just to ensuring you have the right financial and management software to run your business, but to training every person responsible for using that technology.

Quickbooks Training in Bermuda

Whether we train your employees on entering transactions, or coding expenses, the accurate use of the technology we recommend will determine your success at achieving your growth goals and managing your financial data.  There are several ways in which we train your team including:

One-on-One: We will provide one-on-one coaching and training to that critical person in your business responsible for implementing our recommendations.

Group Training: If you have a team using the same technology system, we will train them on best practices for the individual technologies they will be using to help us manage, organize, store, and access your financial data.

Web-Based Training:  We are skilled and experienced at delivering all of our training programs through web-based training sessions. We offer a wealth of QuickBooks and other training. You can access our upcoming training programs here.

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We know the success of your new technology tools is based on your team accurately and efficiently using these tools! For more information on our technology training programs, contact us today.