Our Clients


We Have Your Back Because We Have Your Books

We are honored to serve clients like you in many different industries and trades throughout Bermuda. We acknowledge the importance of understanding your financial data to make sound business decisions. From family-owned businesses to non-profits and professional services firms, at Abacus, we will learn all we can about your business, and implement solutions designed to help you understand your cash flow, profit, and loss, inventory, managing payroll, accounts payable and receivable, and to implement financial and accounting best practices that allow you to focus on growing your business. We have your backs because we have your books!

Bringing Peace of Mind

We bring you the peace of mind knowing the financial performance of your business is under control. We put the systems and processes in place at your business and transition you to a proactive approach to managing your finances rather than always reacting to unforeseen circumstances that arise.  We work with a host of clients including:

Business Owners

Do you want to take your business to the next level? Bring us in to conduct a thorough evaluation and assessment of your business. We will then make the recommendations you need to achieve your goals in the areas of bookkeeping, accounting practices, technology solutions, and overall strategic business consulting.

Medical and Healthcare

We know and understand the complexities of managing financial data in the medical and healthcare industries. We have worked with many medical practices and other healthcare professionals to apply our brand of analysis to make recommendations focused on our knowledge of the regulations and requirements you face everyday in healthcare.


Our clients in education are mission-driven to provide the best learning experiences for their students. We know and understand the subtleties of working with complicated payroll programs, tuition and financial aid, and the special requirements of publicly funded schools. We provide financial data in clear and concise ways that allow for sound decision making by administrators.


We understand the complications of managing trust funds, retainers, and how to estimate future revenue coming from work in progress. We also understand the complexities of attorney compensation and benefit systems, and the role financial technology has in the successful operation of a law practice.


We know the struggles faced by many nonprofit organizations, and the importance of accurately projecting and tracking revenue from donations, foundations, governmental subsidies, and other fundraising initiatives. We also know the importance of providing clear and accurate financials to boards of directors, and providing financial data that decisions can be confidently based on.

Retail and Hospitality

The retail and hospitality industry in Bermuda reigns supreme and has suffered severly. We know and understand the importance of tracking seasonable income and expense projections, as well as how to manage retail and hospitality groups whose revenue can ebb and flow like the waves during the key tourist season.

Professional Services

We know and understand the needs of professional services firms. In fact, we are such a business! Your product is really the time, talent, and expertise of your billing professionals. Whether you operate a hair salon or an interior design firm, our experience in professional services will ensure you have numbers you can rely on when you make business decisions.


Whether your construction company focuses on new construction or island renovations; residential or commercial, at Abacus we know and understand your industry. From working with subcontractors, to collecting accounts receivable and identifying new revenue opportunities, we are your financial services partner and will manage your finances so you can grow.

Who We Serve

Regardless of your industry, we would like to talk with you.  Use our confidential web-based form to open a discussion with us and to schedule a free consultation. We look forward to learning more about you!