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At Abacus, our client-focused approach to delivering financial and accounting services defines who we are as a business. Bottom line? Through each one of our services individually, or by serving as your outsourced CFO or controller, our role is to make your life easier – no headaches about business financials, because we are handling everything for you. From consulting to general accounting and bookkeeping to managing your payroll and training your team on the latest financial technology tools, we succeed when you succeed.

Consulting Services

Like you, we are entrepreneurs. We know that not every business issue has a clear-cut path to resolution. Because of this, we are consultants who happen to also have strong accounting and financial management skills. We know that for us to serve your accounting needs, we first need to deeply understand your business. We use our consulting focus to thoroughly assess your business, looking at every aspect of your business model. Based on the assessment, we develop a proactive plan for your organization, and for many of our clients, we work seamlessly as your outsourced controller or CFO.

Accounting, Bookkeeping + Controller

Like any small business we know you need to have accurate financials in order to make sound business decisions. It is our goal to get your books into top shape. From sales and invoicing, to accounts payable and receivable, we deeply understand the value of being able to trust in the accuracy of your financial records. As the business owner or head of an organization, your financial data must reflect the soundness of your venture.  What’s great is that once we get your systems and processes working smoothly, maintaining and streamlining your books is seamless.

Payroll and Benefits

If you have employees, managing payroll and benefits can be complex and time consuming. We believe in the “best and highest use” concept. So if you are the leader of an organization, your best and highest use is at the strategic growth level, and continuing to look for opportunities to expand your services or offerings – not processing payroll and managing benefits. With Abacus, our best and highest use is making your payroll and benefits programs operate like a smooth oiled machine. Best of all, we manage every aspect of your payroll and benefit plans to free up your time to focus on strategic planning and growth.


As we focus on helping you develop automations and systems to manage your financial data, we will make recommendations on technology solutions and cloud-based programs to compile and store your data. We know there are hundreds of financial management tools and programs out there. As a business owner, it can be challenging to wade through the features and benefits of each. Not only will we make recommendations on what technology tools will work best for you, we will ensure that everyone in your organization feels comfortable and confident using them. We deliver training on every financial tool we recommend.

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