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Megan Nesbitt - Abacus

Personal Philosophy

Abacus was founded because I love meeting with business owners and hearing your stories. I love implementing systems to help you with efficiency and data tracking. I love reviewing the results and understanding where businesses met or missed targets.  I love understanding where you want to be and creating the accountability framework that will get you there. 

My superpowers include the ability to take a vision and make it a reality through sound strategy development.  I intuitively see the threads of opportunity that wind through organizations and bring them together as a coherent whole.  I can help others extend their thinking which drives strategic growth. I promise to partner with and empower business owners to propel both of our businesses to success.”

Get to Know Megan

I founded Abacus in 2007. My role as President is to lead the company by establishing, communicating, and implementing our mission and vision. I also manage our senior staff. I do this by committing myself to providing leadership, guidance, direction, feedback, and the ability to inspire greatness. My primary role with clients is to develop the strategy to enable our clients to meet their short- and long-term business goals.

I also develop and ensure compliance with all the processes, policies, and procedures necessary to maximize the company’s operation. It is our proven processes that help guide the recommendations we make to our clients.

It goes without saying that it is my role as President to ensure the profitability and future growth of Abacus The procedures, processes, and best practices I implement for Abacus make their way into the recommendations we make to you. You are an entrepreneur and so am I. Without the ability to ensure profitability by analyzing budgets and financial reporting, we would be in a constant state of wheel spinning. I wouldn’t accept this for my company and I won’t accept it for yours.

I also create and maintain external relationships to ensure you have an amazing experience as our client. Part of this involves providing oversight on our engagement with you and ensuring Abacus maintains and builds its professional, public presence.

I have worked in a variety of industries – local and exempt throughout my career. In addition to my work with Abacus, I have worked with Gibbons Management Services Ltd. (GMSL) for 20 years – first as their Financial Controller and more recently as their Chief Executive Officer. GMSL is the administrative arm of the Gibbons Group, providing payroll services to 10 Group companies, property management and central treasury and administrative leadership.  I have also worked with an accounting software firm, which strengthened my knowledge of how process and technology truly support business operations.  The most wonderful part of my role with Abacus is that I get exciting new professional experience with every new client we work with!

  • A large donation received by one of the non-profits we work with resulted in all of us (literally) dancing around the room because it allowed our client to continue offering services to those in need.
  • After multiple discussions around a pain point, an owner made a big decision and then shared the peace of mind they had achieved by taking action on the decision.
  • Being able to provide up to the minute, expert information on employment benefits and compliance when COVID hit and shelter in place was announced.   It didn’t diminish the business and personal pain that was experienced, but we helped navigate through completely uncharted waters.
  • Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA), 2014
  • Certified Management Accountant (CMA), 2003
  • Smith College 1994-1998
  • Board Member, CPA Bermuda
  • Board Member, Bermuda Economic Development Corporation
  • Board Member, Jardine Gibbons Properties Ltd.
  • Board Member and Treasurer, Reading Clinic
  • Presenter, Payroll Tax – Get Ready for the New Year, March 2021
  • Guest, The Daily Hour, January 2021
  • Presenter, Payroll Tax, The Basics, January 2021
  • Guest Speaker, Women in Entrepreneurship Day, November 2020
  • Presenter, Publicly Relating with the Brand Lion – Money Stories, Facebook Live, September 2020
  • Presenter, Government Relief Information Session, June 2020
  • Presenter, COVID-19 And Its Impact on Your Business, April 2020
  • Best of Bermuda, Abacus Ltd.
  • First Ever Award of Excellence from Best of Bermuda

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