Jaylaka Matthie

Junior Bookkeeper


Kim Anderson - Abacus

Personal Philosophy

“What I love most about bookkeeping is the opportunity it presents to hear the stories of business owners and then help them retell those stories of success and challenges through numbers.”

Get to Know Jaylaka

My job is to help my clients become more financially sound, by managing their company’s day to day operations. I provide support managing accounts payable and receivable, processing payroll, payroll tax, and bank reconciliations. Allow me take care of your books so that you can focus on the part that means the most to you, growing your business. 


Client: Bermuda-based interior design firm

Issue:  Client did not have a good handle on her finances and needed help with client billings, accounts receivable, and creating financial reports useful to making business decisions.

Abacus Approach: Strategically assessed the client’s current business process to identify areas of improvement; developed new systems and processes specific to our client’s business to make financial management seamless and accurate. 

Solution: Because of her financials, client was able to secure new financing to expand her business.


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