Small and medium-sized businesses, as well as nonprofits, share a few characteristics. One such characteristic is that they usually have limited budgets and, as a result, limited specialized resources.

Business Owners Know Accounting Is Important, But Finding the Time Can Be Difficult 

It is almost always a challenge for owners and management to wear the many caps required to effectively run the business and help the organization achieve its objectives and goals. In many cases these individuals regularly find themselves focusing mainly on the core functions of the organization while critical support functions – like accounting, bookkeeping, and future business planning – are neglected. Unfortunately, though it’s important to focus on the immediate needs of running the business, neglecting any area can have many long-term consequences. This is where outsourcing your accounting and bookkeeping functions can make an incredible difference! 

The Major Benefits to Outsourcing Your Accounting Services 

Outsourced accounting is a service that provides a full accounting department, with decades of experience handling a wide variety of financial tasks, for small and medium-sized businesses and nonprofits.  

Outsourced accounting is becoming the popular choice among these organizations mainly because it reduces their overhead expenses without negatively affecting efficiency.  

However, it also offers many other benefits, including: 

  • Freeing Up Time: Outsourcing your accounting and other financial functions allows owners and management to focus on other core areas of the organization while knowing the accounting function is being well taken care of. These team members can then devote their attention where you need them focused.  
  • The cost-effective use of resources: Outsourced accounting firms like Abacus are familiar with just about any situation. An accounting task that could take a small business owner a day or more to complete might only take us an hour. Your time and your wages are valuable resources, and outsourcing complex tasks like accounting let you better allocate these resources where you need them. 
  • The job will be done right: Don’t spend your nights and weekends worrying if you submitted the right forms or checked the right boxes. When you outsource your accounting, you get expert-level care and experienced professional oversight. Nothing beats sleeping better knowing that we have your back. 

Lennox Cumberbatch - Abacus

My Journey into Outsourced Accounting and Why Experience Matters 

Prior to joining Abacus, I spent over 15 years as a member of internal teams across a wide range of industries, including retail, manufacturing, government, and nonprofits. This experience has enabled me to fully understand the requirements of any business, above and beyond the traditional bank reconciliation and month-end close.  

Now, as a member of the Abacus team, nothing makes me happier than providing information or advice to a client that helps them achieve a personal or business goal. My understanding of your situation, combined with my years of accounting practice, means that together, we can help you make the right critical decisions for your business. 

My colleagues share similar skills and experience, and are also just as engaged with their clients. Outsourcing something as important as your accounting is forging a real partnership. We get to know you and your business, and we want nothing more than to celebrate your successes as a trusted partner.  

What Can Abacus Do for You as an Outsourced Accounting Partner? 

Abacus understands that every client is unique and that each business has different requirements. We strive to find the right resources for each client. Through our diverse blend of CPA-qualified accountants and accounting support staff, Abacus is able to provide our in-depth services at an incredible value to you. 

Our main objective is to help businesses and organizations reduce the time spent on tasks we can manage for you. Choosing Abacus as your outsourced accounting firm means you can better focus on your business and organizational functions. The end results? An increase in profitability and effectiveness and a trusted partner you can lean on for accounting and advisory needs. 

Are You Interested in Outsourcing Your Accounting Tasks? 

Abacus would love to learn more about your business and show you how we can help you achieve your goals. Contact us today for a fully confidential consultation.